How to Become a Popular Window Cleaner


Window cleaning is not for the faint-hearted. It is not the kind of job you enlist to just for the market or because you have no idea what else you can do with yourself. There is stiff competition in the window cleaning industry so unless you outrun the system, you are bound to fail. The following tips can help you emerge the most popular window cleaner in the region you are located and even beyond.

Invest In Research

Like in every other industry, window cleaning methods keep improving with time. New techniques come up over time and the technology brings new ideas. If you want to be at the top of the game, do not be comfortable with the same old methods of yester-years. This is because other competitors work day and night to come up with impressive cleaning methods that will attract all the customers. Always be on the lookout for better cleaning methods.

Efficient and in-stock tools

If you are going to clean the windows effectively, you need appropriate tools. You may have good ideas about what the clients require, but if you do not have effective tools or materials to help them realize their wishes, you are bound to fail. You must have the right kind of mops, sponges, ladders among others. For instance, if you are to clean high windows, you need not just mops, but long mops that can reach the windows if you don’t have a ladder. If you have a ladder, it should be adjustable to fit through narrow corridors. This will convince the clients you are serious about offering high-quality services. Also, make sure you have the materials always in stock. Never run of detergents or sponges in the middle of an urgent, timed assignment.

Friendly Staff Members

You should make sure your staff members have the customer care skills. They may be experienced window cleaners, but if they lack interactive, professional skills, your business will be hurt. Train them to be polite, attentive, and patient. When they are at the working site, they have to behave themselves; no immature conversations among themselves in the hearing of the clients and no rude answer to the client. If they are asked to re-do a particular section, they should comply or give convincing reasons why they cannot.

Ensure Safety Measures

Another area you must not overlook is safety. Because window cleaning involves work at height, it can be risky. To prevent or minimize accident incidents, you need to have a certified safety watchdog on site. If your window cleaning company only becomes well-known for the high number of accident cases, clients and potential clients will give you a wide berth. But if you maintain high safety standards, you will gain more clients. Nobody wants to witness injuries at his residential or commercial building.


You need to be flexible enough to accept extra services on offer. If you go to clean the windows and the client realizes his roof, carpet, ceiling and walls and need cleaning, you should be in a position no do the extra. You will have to renegotiate the charge to accommodate the new orders, but do not tell the client that your business is strictly for window cleaning, not door cleaning!


With these tips, you can emerge at the top, and soon your business will expand and have branches n every town.

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