Ways to Sparkle Your Commercial Windows

Your commercial building is a place for business. Its general presentation should be decent enough to attract more potential customers. Before your customers walk in, they have already seen the windows and made some rational conclusions about the kind of business-person you are likely to be. A commercial building with friendly receptionists but stained windows may not do much in convincing your customers that you really value them. Below are the ultimate ways to sparkle your commercial windows:


First, you will have to survey all the windows in and out. This way, you will be able to know which areas have the high concentration of stains and what tools to use to access them. You will also check which side of the window needs more attention. If it is outside, you will take the necessary steps.

Cleaning Supplies

Once you have determined you have to clean the windows, you need all the necessary pieces of cleaning equipment suitable for the job. Have a utility bucket with wheels, sponge, squeezer, scrubber, scrapper, detergent and towels ready.

Rope Access Technique

If yours are high-rise windows, you will have to use the rope access techniques to get to the high windows. You can also use a ladder where necessary.

Deep Cleaning

This now is the actual cleaning session. Dilute the detergent in the water in your bucket to make a solution. Make it at the ratio of two to one. Use your sprayer bottle to spray the solution onto the window glass. Wait for some time as the solution weakens the stains, then scrub the surface until all the sticky dirt like paint or debris are removed. If some stains prove too stubborn, revert to a scrapper.

Rinse the windows with clean tap water as you run your squeegee top to down in strokes. Do not squeeze back and forth. Then further dry with microfiber towels for complete moisture elimination. Dry the glasses until they are so clear that a visitor might think you have removed the glasses. The microfiber dryers have a high capacity for water absorption. You can also use them to wipe the window edges that the squeegee didn’t access.

Make sure the blade of your squeegee is in good condition. A loose edge will leave behind streaks, especially on tinted windows.

Safety Measures

It is one thing to access the high windows and quite another to be at ease up there. If you do not adhere to the standard safety measures, you will have reason to fear for your life. The result is, you will work in a hurry, thereby doing a shoddy job. Observe safety rules by putting on a harness with hooks and strong straps. This will guarantee your safety if by chance you tip. You are also able to access the highest parts of the windows without fear. You are not limited.

Professional Cleaners

It is good you consult professional cleaners with experience in window cleaning. Listen to their valuable views before moving to the next step, if you are not going to hire them.

Heavy Duty detergents

Use powerful detergents for better results. Some soaps are not strong enough to remove the thick layers of stain on the glass. Use high-grade cleansers designed for heavy-duty or industrial cleaning.


Try to do the window cleaning before the sun is up. Doing window cleaning in direct sunlight will mean you have to use much water and rinse quickly or the drying dirt will stick back on the glasses.

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